The Open edX Platform Includes Oppia, a Tool that Recreates the Experience of One-On-One Tutoring

EdX has started to offer full support for Oppia, a great third-party, open-source tool that allows to create short interactive lessons or tutorials called “explorations”.

Created by Google, Oppia simulates conversations with human tutors to encourage exploration and experiential learning –although these assessments cannot be graded on the Open edX platform. Overall, it is an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

To enable the Oppia XBlock, access Studio and add “oppia” to the Advanced Module List on the Advanced Settings page. Later, on the Course Outline page, open the unit in the ungraded subsections where you want to add the exploration.

If Oppia is not included in your Open edX platform, you can install it from GitHub.

At the website, there are many samples of experiences created by the community.