The Open edX Guide: Release of the Second Edition and HTML Format

Open edX ebook

The second edition of our guide to Open edX was released this week. Most of the sections have been updated with new information.

In addition, we have launched an HTML version, which is far more convenient than the PDF edition when it comes to following URLs to key pages.

No registration or password access is required for either of the formats. The work, written by Michael Amigot, is self-funded and released under the least restrictive Creative Commons license.

This free eBook –the first guide related to this technology– explores the most engaging and innovative learning and teaching platform in the world.

“It is useful for someone trying to get up-to-speed on the Open edX ecosystem”, according to Piotr Mitros, Chief Scientist at edX.

“The eBook itself is a quick read, and looks like a good overview of Open edX. Part 1 is an index of major Open edX adopters. Then there are pointers to key points of documentation (e.g. demo courses demonstrating Open edX functionality). Next, there’s a high level overview of what the components of Open edX are, and what the extension points are. Finally, there are pointers to the major resources about Open edX,” described Mr. Mitros on Google’s Open edX discussion board.