The EdX iPhone App Has Been Released! A Great Tool To Watch Course Videos


EdX has finally released its app for iPhone, although no announcement has been made so far.

This app, available for free in the iTunes store, is a clone of the Android version, except for one detail: video speed can be changed in the iOS version.

The available version is 1.0.00. It is downloadable under the name “edx”.

The edX iPhone app works as a companion tool to watch videos, announcements and handouts. But it does not allow users to take courses entirely on their smartphones. In order to complete readings, homework problems, and exams, the user is redirected to the website. The same applies to forum discussions and assignments, which must be completed through computers or tablets.

Right now only 79 courses are mobile-friendly. This means that only videos coming from these courses are downloadable. Within these 79 courses, however, many videos cannot be downloaded.

Still, some courses like “Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?”, “Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer” and “The Science of Happiness” offer a good user experience.

Despite some bugs and crashes, the app is well-built and straightforward.

It is great to be able to download and watch videos without consuming cellular data. Definitely, a must-have app for edx-ers.