The 2015 Open edX Developers' Conference Will Include 18 Premium Talks

The 2015 II Open edX developers’ conference is all set. It will take place on October 12-13th in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and will host an energetic community of software engineers, system administrators, instructional designers and education specialists.

The keynote speaker will be MIT’s Professor Mitch Resnick, creator of Scratch and a champion of innovative tools, pedagogies and learning techniques.

During this two-day event there will be at least 17 talks, in addition to un-conference time and networking opportunities.

  • A learning analytics extension for Open edX called “Analyse”, developed by the Carlos III of Madrid University.  Presenter: Jose A. Ruiperez-Valiente.
  • Building successful Open edX instructors from non-faculty domain experts. Presenters: Julie Mullen, Lauren Edwards, and Vijay Gadepally.
  • Building the Plane While Flying it – Migrating an Existing MOOC to edX. Presenters: Mike Bifulco, Andrew Miller, Jeremy Osborn, and Michael Bingham-Hawk.
  • Configuration Primer. Presenter: Feanil Patel.
  • Contributing to Open edX. Presenters: Xavier Antoviaque and Sarina Canelake.
  • Deploying SPOCs in a University Institution with Open edX: What Do We Need? Presenter: Jose A. Ruiperez-Valiente.
  • Digging through the data – MoocCzar. Presenters: Andrew Dekker and John Zornig.
  • Leveraging Open Edx for Corporate Training. Presenter: Cathy Herbert.
  • Life in the Avant-Garde. Presenter: Regis Behmo.
  • MIT Learning Object Repository for Education. Presenter: Peter Wilkins.
  • Navigating Barriers to Implementation of an International Medical Training Course in Developing Nations. Presenter: Nicholus Warstadt.
  • Online Geospatial Education in Africa through the Open edX Platform: Possibilities and Limitations. Presenter: Thomas Ballatore.
  • Open edX and Adaptive Learning. Presenter: Ed Daciuk.
  • OpenStack for edX: Inside, and Out. Presenters: Adolfo Brandes and Florian Haas.
  • Pragmatic development lessons from UQx. Presenters:  Andrew Dekker and John Zornig.
  • Real Time Analytics Using ELK. Presenters:  Felipe Montoya.
  • Semantic Tagging Using Asides in Studio. Presenters: Cole Shaw and Ross Strader.