A Very Successful Open edX Conference in Madrid

The fourth Open edX conference was successfully celebrated in Madrid, Spain, attracting 310 participants (the maximum available capacity and almost a 50% increase in attendance from last year) and top sponsors, and launching a powerful message about the strength of community.

Anant, Vincent and Nick all inspired us to think about how online education can help us face the challenges facing us as a society. Videos and slides from these sessions will be posted online in the upcoming weeks.

Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, reported during its inaugural keynote address that there are 11 million users on the Open edX community, almost the same amount as that of edX.org, as shown below.

Additionally, edX executives disclosed that today there are over 800 Open edX-powered websites and more than 5,000 courses.

In terms of MOOC sites, 9 out of 39 are built on Open edX.

The next Open edX named release, called Ginkgo, will be launched in July 2017, while the following one, scheduled for December 2017 or January 2018, will be Hawthorn.

Below is a selection of 22 tweets from the conference, posted with #openedx2017.

The videos of the conference are posted on YouTube.

Additionally, these are five highlights selected by Appsembler.