Second Open edX Meetup in New York: McKinsey, GW, edX and PepperPD Inspired an Audience of 100 Attendants


The second Open edX meetup attracted around one hundred innovators last Thursday April 9th in New York. Three speakers coming from Washington D.C., San Jose, CA, and Boston, and one from New York, energized and engaged the audience with insights and ideas. The event was live-broadcasted online.

Michael Keany (McKinsey Academy), Paul Berman (GW), Beth Porter (edX) and Jack McLaughlin (PepperPD) spoke about the challenges and opportunities surrounding Open edX technology and pedagogy during the event, hosted at McKinsey Academy.

On the other hand, the Open edX meetup group reached 300 members last week.

The two-hour event, which was sold out, concluded with a round table.

Here is the audio of the event: