Saudi Arabia Sets a Framework to Promote AI in Digital Education

IBL News | New York

Saudi Arabia’s National eLearning Center (NeLC) launched this week a national framework to boost AI in digital education and training and foster innovation.

This initiative aims to establish a set of guidelines, standards, and best practices for implementing AI in all educational sectors, including general, higher, vocational, and lifelong learning.

The framework acts as a comprehensive resource for decision-makers and educational practitioners to maximize the benefits of AI.

It emphasizes the importance of ongoing assessment and improvement while encompassing nine key dimensions: leadership, curriculum design, and content development, teaching and learning methodologies, evaluation and performance, ethical considerations and responsible use, adherence to technology standards, security and data privacy, student support mechanisms, and professional development opportunities.

The National eLearning Center (NeLC) was established by the Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia to enhance trust in online learning, facilitate equitable access to relevant lifelong online learning, and lead sustainable innovation in online learning to provide trusted online learning.