SAP Invested in Generative AI startups Anthropic, Cohere, and Aleph Alpha

IBL News | New York

The German giant SAP announced that it invested, through its venture capital firm Sapphire Ventures, in three major AI startups: Anthropic, Cohere, and Aleph Alpha.

The terms of the direct investment weren’t detailed, although SAP disclosed that it built on its $1 billion-plus commitment to back new AI firms.

SAP also highlighted several internal efforts around Generative AI, including a digital assistant for customer experience.

“SAP is committed to creating an enterprise AI ecosystem for the future that complements our world-class business applications suite and helps our customers unlock their full potential,” SAP’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sebastian Steinhaeuser, said in a press release.

Anthropic’s Claude system processes text within the context of natural conversations. Cohere provides a generative text platform that can be deployed on virtual private clouds or on-site where data resides.

Aleph Alpha — which was already an SAP Partner — creates and hosts multimodal, multilanguage models focused on interoperability, data privacy, and security.