Recruitment and Admission Process for Master's Programs Will Benefit from Open Courses

Schools will start looking at open online courses, such as the edX’s MicroMasters, to improve recruitment and admissions for specialized master’s programs, writes Dr. Joshua Kim, director of digital learning at Dartmouth, at his column in Inside Higher Education.

Today schools spend an enormous amount of money on Google AdWords to develop qualified applicants. “Wouldn’t it be better to use these marketing dollars to create open online courses that all lifelong learners could participate?  This seems to be much more aligned with the mission of higher education than giving more money to Google,” states Mr. Kim.

Additionally, these programs improve the quality of residential and online Master’s degrees, as well as students’ performance.

The most remarkable example is the MIT’s Supply Chain Management degree, with 200K enrollees, 9K completions earning a certificate and 622 passing the 5 courses. Of those who finished the MicroMasters, MIT was accepted 40 of these applicants.