PUC University of Chile Succeeds in Reaching Elementary and Secondary Students through their Open edX Courses






By Michael Amigot / IBL 

Chilean PUC University’s MOOCs, hosted on their ING Open edX platform, have become an effective educational tool for elementary and secondary students. Almost 65 percent of students have enrolled from this level, while 22 percent have been from higher education, according to a university’s report submitted to IBL News.

Enrollments across five courses (one on chemistry and four in pre-calculus –all of them in Spanish) reached 8,275 students from October 2015 to February 2016. One course –“Pre-Cálculo: Progresiones y Sumatorias”– got 5,385 enrollments. Learners came from 37 different countries, while 90 percent were from Chile.


Meanwhile, PUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) revealed a different demographic and student composition of their six courses on Coursera. These courses, much more elaborate and intended for higher education audiences, attracted 53,995 enrollments with 2,335 completions. More than 33 percent of all students had Master’s and PhD degrees, and 30 were higher ed learners. In this case, there were more Mexican students than Chilean.