Perplexity Launches ‘Pages’ to Present Search Results in a Visually-Attractive Format

IBL News | New York

AI-driven search platform Perplexity launched a new feature called Pages, which generates and allows users to share well-formatted and visually attractive web pages based on user prompts.

The structure of the article can be rearranged and sections removed.

Pages’ target audience is educators, researchers, and hobbyists who need to break down complex topics into digestible content.

Perplexity Pages featured the following examples:

> Beginner’s Guide to Drumming by Henry

> How to Use an AeroPress by Phi

> Writing Kubernetes CronJobs Guide by Nikhil

> Steve Jobs: Visionary CEO by Abdul

> The Definitive Guide to San Francisco Tennis Courts by Raman

> Quantum Machine Learning: The Next Leap in AI Technology by Eliot