Opinion: Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Education

By Mikel Amigot

We are walking into an AI-empowered era. And not only self-driving cars and robots are performing repetitive tasks.

Nearly all industries, including education, will eventually be affected by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Today we are seeing the impact on customer attention, where machine learning algorithms using data are making decisions.

Machine learning, a subset of AI, is the new weapon in education, too. Personalized learning, adaptive pathways, and predictive analytics will be the most visible outcome.

We’re already seeing how data is helping to track student knowledge and recommend next steps.

We all know IBM Watson, ALEKS, and Knewton. Even us, at IBL Education, we’ve implemented these algorithms in some online lessons, and we’ve deployed predictive analytics on the Open edX platform.

However, we need much more data to improve our algorithms.

Machine learning in education is in the early stages.

Students, parents, and advisors will continue to make decisions about learning pathways, but data will play an increasing role in guiding recommendations.

In a way, the AI tsunami has not even started.


        Mikel Amigot is the CEO of IBL Education (Open edX) and IBL News