OpenAI’s Sora Can Generate Video Games, Too

IBL News | New York

OpenAI’s new video-generating AI model ‘Sora’, which is able to generate up to a minute of 1080p video, can render video games, too.

A research paper published by OpenAI yesterday points to the ability of Sora to simulate digital worlds and pave the way for more realistic games from text descriptions.

In an experiment, OpenAI fed Sora prompts containing the word Minecraft and had it render a convincingly a game.

Senior Nvidia researcher Jim Fan defined Sora as a “data-driven physics engine.” He added, “It is a simulation of many worlds, real or fantastical. The simulator learns intricate rendering, intuitive physics, long-horizon reasoning, and semantic grounding, all by some denoising and gradient maths.”

In a webpage full of examples, Open AI said, “We believe the capabilities Sora has today demonstrate that continued scaling of video models is a promising path towards the development of capable simulators of the physical and digital world, and the objects, animals, and people that live within them.”