OpenAI Launched Its GPT Store, Which Features Custom Versions of ChatGPT

IBL News | New York

OpenAI introduced yesterday its GPT Store, with millions of custom versions of ChatGPT only open to paid users under ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise premium plans.

The store features over three million GPTs, including trending chatbots on the community leaderboard, with categories like DALL·E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. IBL News has its version in this store.

OpenAI is highlighting these GPTs: 

  • Personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails
  • Search and synthesize results from 200M academic papers with Consensus
  • Expand your coding skills with Khan Academy’s Code Tutor
  • Design presentations or social posts with Canva
  • Find your next read with Books
  • Learn math and science anytime, anywhere with the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor

OpenAI announced that it will launch a revenue program for GPT creators in the U.S. based on user engagement during the first quarter of this year.

In addition, OpenAI launched a new ChatGPT Team plan for teams of all sizes, priced at $25/month/user (annual) or $30/month (monthly), offering a shared workspace and user management tools.

OpenAI started rolling out ChatGPT personalization, allowing GPT to carry over memory between chats and improve over time.