OpenAI Announced GPT-4 Turbo, GPTs, and Assistants API, Among Other Improvements [Video]

IBL News | San Francisco

OpenAI shared yesterday several new additions and improvements, including GPT-4 Turbo, an improved version of its flagship model, during its first DevDay conference in San Francisco. [OpenAI’s CEO in the picture above].

The company also introduced GPTs, which allow developers to create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

“Anyone can easily build their own GPT — no coding is required. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation, giving it instructions and extra knowledge, and picking what it can do, like searching the web, making images, or analyzing data,” explained OpenAI.

Example GPTs are available today for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, including Canva and Zapier AI Actions.

More innovations announced at DevDay included:

  • New GPT-4 Turbo with a 128k context window, equivalent to more than 300 pages in text in a single prompt.GPT-4 Turbo has knowledge of world events up to April 2023.OpenAI is offering it at a 3x cheaper price for input tokens and a 2x cheaper price for output tokens compared to GPT-4.It will be a stable, production-ready model in the coming weeks.
  • New Assistants API, which is intended to make it easier for developers to build their own assistive AI apps.
  • New multimodal capabilities in the platform, including vision and image creation (DALL·E 3). Developers can now generate human-quality speech from text via the text-to-speech API.
  • Release of Whisper large-v3, the next version of OpenAI’s open-source automatic speech recognition model (ASR)
  • Open-sourcing the Consistency Decoder, a drop-in replacement for the Stable Diffusion VAE decoder.

Official Press Release to the Media from OpenAI:

A few key stats we announced on stage as it’s been a big year for OpenAI:

  • We have more than 2 million developers building on our API for a wide range of use cases.
  • Over 92% of Fortune 500 are building on our products.
  • And we have about 100M weekly active users on ChatGPT.

Introducing GPTs: 

We’re introducing GPTs – custom versions of ChatGPT. Anyone can easily build GPTs to help with specific tasks, at work, or at home. We think GPTs take a first step towards an agent-like future. For third-party developers, we’re showing them how to build these agent-like experiences into their own apps as well. Example GPTs are available today for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users to try out including Canva and Zapier AI Actions.

New models and developer products announced at DevDay, including

  • ChatGPT gets a new UI.
  • GPT-4 Turbo: a new model that includes longer context length, better world knowledge because we’re updating the cutoff to April 2023, and other improvements.
  • New Assistants API makes it easier for developers to build their own GPT-like experiences into their own apps and services.
  • New modalities to the API, including vision, DALL·E 3, and text-to-speech with six preset voices to choose from.
  • Dropping the price of all of our models across the board so it’s easier for developers to build and scale on our platform.

See details in our blog posts, GPTs, and new models/products, for more info. Press images are here, and we’ll add more throughout the day.