"Open Sourcing edX Was the Best Idea We Have Ever Had", Anant Agarwal Says


“Open sourcing the edX platform was the best idea we’ve ever had”, Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX, said last week during the “Learning with MOOCs II” gathering at Columbia University in New York.

During his talk, as part of the “Mooc Platform: The Year Ahead”, Mr. Agarwal disclosed the launch of the “RDX or Research Data Exchange” initiative, which will allows edX partners to share all the data generated on the platform.

He also highlighted the improvement of the “group learning” feature on edX: learners will be able to invite each other and form groups for social learning.

Cohorts and social learning for teams are specially interesting for the corporate world, he said.

Open edX: 1,800 courses and 150 sites

Answering questions from the audience, Anant Agarwal stated that “the future of learning is blended”. On the other hand, he referred to the number of edX courses: “there are 1,800 courses on Open edX platforms and 700 at edx.org“. “Also, there are close to 150 Open edX sites“.





“The eco-system of partners