"Open Online Learning Is Improving Residential Classes"


We met Dartmouth’s folks at the edX Global Forum and shared ideas and views about learning science, research and open online learning.

Josh Kim, Director of Digital Learning, wrote an interesting article at Inside of Higher Ed.

Let us highlight some of his ideas:

  • “What MOOCs [at edX] have done is raise the quality bar for residential teaching.”
  • “Blended and online learning capabilities are increasingly viewed as infrastructure”. “The costs of creating high quality online courses are largely viewed as part of a larger infrastructure now needed to create high quality learning for all of our students, both our traditional matriculated students and the lifelong learners that we connect with online.”
  • “The methods, norms and practices have been largely absent from the classroom”. “Blended and online teaching methods are making making available the data that determine learning outcomes”. “The data available from the edX platform are pushing us all to develop analytics and research plans for all the teaching and learning in which we engage”. “Every edX school is strongly focused on how experimenting with open online courses at scale and improve residential teaching and learning”.
  • “All of us are experimenting and learning together. None of us are experts in open online learning at scale”.”None of us understand exactly how we can leverage this new excitement about student learning and data to make long-lasting improvements in our capabilities around residential teaching and learning.” “Any win for a peer institution is a win for us as well, as we are all trying to create a new way of thinking about higher education”.
  • “Open online learning is changing methods of developing, teaching, and improving residential classes”.