Open edX's Real Time Conversation Moves to Slack


The Open edX community’s real-time conversation has moved from the aging IRC (#edx-code on to the modern Slack communication tool. This is the address:

Anyone can join this space by entering her email here.

Currently, there are ten channels to interact with one another and share ideas. These are some of them:

  • #general (for all things Open edX)
  • #events (for discussions on upcoming meetups and conferences)
  • #news (for discussions on news stories)
  • #docker (for containerizing all of the things)
  • #front-end (for design and implementations)
  • #learn-technologies
  • #ops (for discussion of operational issues)
  • #tastyburger (for jokes)

[Open edX Community Portal: Open edX on Slack, by Molly de Blanc]