Newsletter About Open edX #1 – September 2017

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• Gingko. The edX organization released Ginkgo, the latest Open edX version of the platform. Ginkgo is the seventh release of Open edX, and includes changes to the course navigation, video player, proctored exams, accessibility, emails and problems.

• We’re UBER. Interesting definition of edX. “In many ways, you can think of edX as an Uber for education”, said Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX, during the a webinar hosted by EdCast.

• iOS, Android. The 2.10 Open edX and edX’s app for iOS and Android came up with two new features which allow learners to access all course videos in one place as well as delete downloaded clips.

• MicroMasters. edX’s MicroMasters initiative celebrated its first anniversary this September with the extension of the program to 39 subjects from 24 international universities. Top employers (IBM, GE, Boeing, Walmart, Adobe, Ford, PwC…) endorsed this program.

• Open edX Courses. The “Freshman Year for Free” program, a non-profit initiative done in partnership with edX and IBL, launched a catalog of 40 online College Board CLEP courses on an Open edX platform. The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets praised the project.

• France. France University Numerique (FUN), the French national MOOC platform and the first national platform using Open edX, reached an agreement with to share course content and strengthen its partnership.

• Top 10. Nine of the world’s top 10 universities use the Open edX pedagogy and technology on their courses at, and one (Stanford) has its own independent instance.

• MITx. MITx will launch 30 MOOCs at this fall. These MOOCs, which allow learners to get an MITx certificate as a credential, will feature the same content as on-campus courses.

• Hiring. edX started looking for an Open edX Community Lead to work in its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachussets, in order to replace Joel Barciauskas, who left the organization on August 29th.

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