Open edX Meetup (April 7th, New York): "Engaging Content, Successful Marketing"

The fourth Open edX meetup in New York will take place on April 7th at McKinsey Academy.  The theme of the event will be “Engaging Content, Successful Marketing”.

Top presenters from Microsoft, Columbia University, Knewton, Fordham University, edX, McKinsey and Free Learning Channel will share their insights through 8-minute talks and a final round table.

This is the line-up of presenters:

Rhonda Nicholson, Microsoft

Michael Cennamo, Columbia University

Kristen Weeks, Knewton

William Fenton, Fordham University

Joel Barciauskas, edX

Sylvia Ko, McKinsey Academy

Derrick Lewis, Free Learning Channel X

Registration is open to anyone and access is free.

Talks will be recorded, distributed throughout the Open edX community and added to our iOS app to be available offline.

This event will be live broadcasted and open to outside participation.

McKinsey Academy, WeWork and IBL will sponsor this initiative.

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