Open edX Becomes The 'De Facto' Platform To Host MOOCs

Our friend Dhawal Shah, founder of, has written a detailed analyses about MOOC growth in 2014. Dhawal concludes that “the number of universities offering MOOCs has doubled to cross 400 universities, with a doubling of the number of cumulative courses offered, to 2400.” “22 of the top 25 US universities in US News World Report rankings are now offering courses online for free.”

What is interesting, too, is that Open edX has been the preferred platform to host MOOCs.

This is what the article says:

“Institutions choose Open edX for DIY: Open edX quickly seems to have become the de facto platform for organizations and groups who are looking to host their own MOOCs. It has been adopted by several organizations in diverse regions of the world, including Jordan, Japan,France, China, India and the US.”