"Open edX and the Future of Online Education" Meetup on April 9th in New York – GW, edX, McKinsey and PepperPD Speaking

The second Open edX meetup in the U.S. will take place in New York’s McKinsey Academy headquarters on April 9th. The title of the event is “Open edX in the Spotlight: The Future of Online Education”. 

Prominent leaders from George Washington University, edX, McKinsey and PepperPD will be speaking.

The registration is free and the event will be live streamed and recorded by IBL Studios Education. Beer on top and pizza will be served. McKinsey, WeWork and IBL sponsor the meetup.

This is the line-up of panelists:

–– First Presentation

edTech Learning: 2 years in
Michael Keany – McKinsey Academy
General Manager


–– Second Presentation
Building a Sustainable University Strategy for Online Education

Paul Schiff Berman – The George Washington University
Vice Provost of Online Education and Academic Innovation


–– Third Presentation

Building Opportunities Around Open edX

Beth Porter – edX
Vice President of Product


–– Fourth Presentation
Building a National Professional Learning Center With Open edX

Dr. Jack McLaughlin  – PepperPD.com / Public Consulting Group

[Open edX.org Community Portal: Open edX in th Spotlight: The Future of Online Education]

[The third Open edX meetup will take place in Spain, on April 20th in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’s campus]