New Skills Required and Future Jobs, According to McKinsey's CLO

Fastest growing competence is creativity,” said Nick van Dam, Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey, during the Open edX conference. “Creativity has do with ideation and ideation will drive innovation.”

By elaborating on competencies required in the next 10 years (see the graphic above), McKinsey’s CLO explained that we are living the “fourth industrial revolution“, which is driven by advancement in technology, and specifically, by areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing, the internet of things, the mobile internet and robotization. Overall, the need for digital literacy dominates the landscape.

About the jobs of the future, Nick van Dam, author of the book “You! The Positive Force In Change: Leveraging Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology”, presented a graphic with 24 examples (see above).