New Hints and Feedback Feature on Problems Contributed to Open edX by Stanford's OLI


EdX has introduced to the Open edX codebase the ability for instructors to write feedback that it associated with each answer option for both correct and incorrect answers. This feedback is presented to the learner when the answer is submitted.

The code is present on the master branch of edx-platform, and will be included in the codebase of the upcoming Cypress release.

This hinting and feedback feature allows professors to construct richer, interactive activities that allow students to engage directly with concepts and receive immediate formative feedback in ways that are difficult or impractical in traditional classroom instruction.

  • It is possible for learners who are having difficulties with a problem to request help in the form of one or more hints.
  • For some problems, a single hint may be sufficient.
  • In more difficult problems, several levels of hints can be provided.
  • This kind of help is especially important in free-form questions such as text input or numerical input. In these types of questions, learners are not able to guess at the answer and may struggle to find the path to the problem solution.

This feature has been contributed by the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at Stanford University, a grant-funded organization that collaborated with edX and Open edX community.

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