Are MOOCs an Idea Ahead of Our Time? See the Case of MicroMasters

Could MOOCs be an idea ahead of our time?

Initiatives such as edX’s MicroMasters, born out of the MOOCs, show successful programs for specialized graduate programs.

(One of the latest cases relates to Questrom School of Business, which has elaborated on the benefits of using MicroMasters as valued credentials for employees on its new Digital Innovation Degree program).

As Dr. Joshua Kim states on his Inside Higher Education column, “MOOCs have acted as living laboratories to develop new capabilities and expertise”.  

  • “What might MOOCs look like in 2025 or 2030? Can we imagine a world where open online learning has displaced those parts of postsecondary education that can effectively be pushed to scale?  Would students be better served if the bundle that included foundational learning was broken apart, pushing introductory courses to online and mobile adaptive learning platforms?”


  • “What MOOCs may eventually enable us to do is to diffuse the benefits of the seminar – as well as the gifts of a classic liberal arts education – to students beyond a privileged few.”


  • “Let MOOCs take care of education as job training, leaving professors to focus on the work of teaching students how to learn.”