Microsoft Opens Bing Chat AI to Everyone, with Lots of New Features

IBL News | New York

Microsoft announced this week it has opened up access to its Bing GPT-4 chatbot to anyone with an account, removing the waitlist. The chatbot originally launched in a private preview in February, and Microsoft has gradually been opening it up ever since.

The software giant is also massively upgrading Bing Chat and redesigning Edge with lots of new features, including image and video results, persistent chat and history, compose sidebar, Knowledge Cards and visual search, and plug-in support.

Microsoft is working with OpenTable to enable its plug-in for completing restaurant bookings within Bing Chat and WolframAlpha for generating visualizations.

According to Microsoft, in ninety days, Bing has grown to 100 million daily active users and people have created 200 million images with Bing Image Creator.

“We aimed to tackle a universal problem with traditional search – that nearly half of all web searches go unanswered, resulting in billions of people’s searches falling short of the mark. We launched the new Bing to bring you better search results, answers to your questions, the ability to create and compose, and a new level of ease of use by being able to chat in natural language.”

• “Bing combines powerful large language models like Open AI’s GPT-4 with our immense search index for results that are current, cited, and conversational – something you can’t get anywhere else but on Bing. This is fundamentally changing the way people find information.”