Microsoft Launches Training Courses on Azure through its New Open edX Platform


Microsoft’s training division has launched several MOOCs on Azure through its new Open edX platform,

These courses, all of them open to enrollment, are the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks
  • Microsoft Azure identity
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts
  • Automating Azure Workloads
  • Managing Azure Workloads
  • Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Databases in Azure
  • Azure Security and Compliance
  • DevOps on Azure PaaS
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

These courses are mostly text-based, with poor quality videos and no transcripts on them, and have almost no interactivity. Technical support to students is provided exclusively through Microsoft’s forum system. Even Open edX’s forum feature has been deactivated. This Open edX platform, which is running on Azure, is used as a repository of content, with no intention to create a community of users.