Microsoft Launched Its Own Copilot’s Plugins – Which Are Similar to OpenAI’s

IBL News | New York

Microsoft announced this month Copilot’s plugins similar to GPTs in the OpenAI’s GPT store.

Existing plugins include Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, OpenTable, and Shop.

These plugins use the OpenAI schema to add custom functionality to the Microsoft Copilot experience. As explained in Roadmap, a plugin consists of an API, an API specification, and a plugin manifest.

These plugins provide users with general skills such as understanding, summarizing, predicting, recalling, translating, and generating content. It indexes content in the Microsoft Graph, such as the emails, chats, and documents that users have permission to access.

Microsoft Copilot uses the following process flow when the user asks a question, and it answers the question by searching for and using a plugin.

Flow diagram showing when a user asks a question, Microsoft Copilot calls the API, receives a response from it, and then presents the returned data to users

Diagram showing the process flow for the user asking a question and Copilot answering the question by searching for and using a plugin