Michael Crow Proposes a Radical Change in Higher Ed through Technology-Enabled Design [Video]

IBL News | New York

Michael Crow, President at Arizona State University (ASU), advocated during the ASU+GSV Summit last week in San Diego, that the U.S. universities should be redesigned so they can take responsibility for student success and deliver knowledge through technology and adaptive learning.

“We propose the radical democratization of higher education through technology-enabled design,” he stated.

Throughout a 25-minute talk [Slides in PDF], he stressed that “ASU is emerging as a National Service University.” “We are a prototype; a new type of public university.”

“National Service Universities aspire to accelerate positive social outcomes through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technological innovation and scalability,” he said on August 10 during his talk titled “Transforming higher education to create the future we want.”

He highlighted that the “main differentiator between universities becomes their capacity to develop and deploy educational technologies.”

“Our faculty is the driver,” noted ASU’s President. Moreover, “faculties are the central assets of universities.” In his view, innovation should be executed around this idea.

Among other initiatives, he mentioned the project of Dreamscape Learn, “that increases student engagement through game-changing learning methods.”

At the end of his presentation, Michael Crow detailed the capacities developed by ASU to democratize higher ed: Full Immersion, Digital Immersion, Infinitely Scalable Learning, Education through Exploration, and Math and Science Mastery for All.

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