Mayo Clinic Partners with Cerebras to Develop Its Own Gen AI Model

IBL News | New York

The Mayo Clinic announced it’s partnering with Cerebras Systems to develop its own AI models for the healthcare industry after tapping into decades of anonymized medical records and data.

These models will summarize lengthy medical records, scour images for patterns that experts may not detect, or analyze genome data.

The well-known medical center, based in Rochester, Minnesota, ensured that these systems would not make medical decisions, not reokace doctors.

The institution plans to make the outcome of its work available on its Mayo Clinic Platform, a data network that is also used by the Mercy health care system in the U.S., the University Health Network in Canada, along with systems in Brazil and Israel.

Matthew Callstrom, Mayo’s medical director for strategy and chair of its radiology department, said that the clinic has not yet decided how much it will charge for the AI technology.

The clinic planned to disclose the new effort during an address at JPMorgan Chase’s healthcare conference in San Francisco.

Cerebras Chief Executive Officer Andrew Feldman said the deal is a “multi-million-dollar” agreement over several years but declined to give more specifics.

Cerebras will provide both hardware and software development services to Mayo under the deal.