Massive distribution of 20,000 iPads in a district school in California

A growing number of schools are weaving iPads into the classroom in an ambitious effort to transform how kids learn and narrow the digital divide with wealthier districts.

The Coachella Valley Unified district in California is rolling out iPads to every student, pre-kindergarten through high school. It stands for a massive distribution of nearly 20,000 iPads! At a cost of nearly $9 million.

Students in seventh grade and above take their tablets home on the evenings, weekends and every school break except summer. Sixth grade and below leave the devices in a locked classroom cart.

“The whole paradigm has really shifted. Teachers are no longer the possessors of knowledge. They’re more the facilitators of learning,” has explained the district’s educational technology coordinator, according a story posted at NPR.

“The goal is to transform what I do in the classroom into something completely different: to take them outside of class, spark curiosity and inspire the learning process,” explains another teacher.

For sure, the iPad is a fantastic tool to promote individualize learning.