LTI Technology is Getting a Second Chance on Open edX Thanks to Harvard University

Because of the lack of proper documentation and poor promotion, XBlocks are not getting much traction on the Open edX platform. This technology was intended to be the Open edX’s weapon to become dominant among learning systems. Instead, the old LTI components are getting a successful second chance.

During Open edX’s first conference in November, Phil McGachey, Tech Lead of Teaching and Learning Technologies in Harvard University made a presentation titled “Tool Integration with LTI”, reflected in the video above and in these slides.

He explained how LTI technology has allowed Harvard to share content between the two LMS they use for distance learning and in-campus teaching –edX and Canvas. He mentioned that Harvard installed a server to host new, LTI-based pedagogical tools.

Wait a minute. Harvard, co-founding member of edX, putting its innovation energy on creating LTI modules instead of XBlocks? You read it well.

There is even a satellite development group that was created during the Open edX conference to develop LTI technology.

As an additional note, it is worth noting that edX is not even a member of the IMS Global consortium, the LTI consortium, and therefore its LTI activity is not certified by this institution.