Learning Innovation | September 2018: MasterClass, Knewton, ASU, Google, UT Austin…

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MasterClass.com, which offers celebrity-taught classes, raised $80 million, after doubling sales last year.

Woz U, Steve Wozniak’s academy, successfully completes its first year.

UT Austin gets the 5th most powerful supercomputer in the world with a grant of $60 million from the National Science Foundation.

Arizona State University (ASU) Online students are using VR for their Biology class. Berkeley College and the University at Buffalo are testing VR, too.

Knewton closed another round of $25 million, which will be used to expand its adaptive learning experience into OER product line.

Lumen Learning reached a milestone of 100,000 students enrolled in its OER-supported courses.

Expert tells how to optimize Linkedin profiles for an edtech job hunt.

VitalSource acquired Acrobatiq, an adaptive learning platform that spun out of Carnegie Mellon.

General Assembly’s $1 million settlement asks: are instructors employees or contractors?

WeWork-owned Flatiron School made another acquisition: a Chicago-based design education firm.

MOOCs are no longer massive, and they serve different audiences than first imagined, says in a podcast expert Dhawal Shah.

Google is polishing its education offerings with updates to Classroom, Google Docs, virtual reality offerings, and teacher training.

Moodle announced it ended its partnership with Blackboard and would no longer allow this company using the Moodlerooms name. Blackboard reaffirmed its commitment to open source.

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