Inflection Introduced an Upgraded Model for Its Chatbot ‘Pi’

IBL News | New York

Inflection announced an upgraded model that makes its chatbot called Pi competitive with GTP-4 and Google’s Gemini, according to this AI start-up.

“Inflection-2.5 approaches GPT-4’s performance, but used only 40% of the amount of computing for training,” said the company. “We’ve made particular strides in areas of IQ like coding and mathematics.”

Hosted in Azure, Inflection-2.5 is available at pi.aiiOS, Android, and a new desktop app.

Pi also incorporates real-time web search capabilities, providing users with breaking news, current events, and up-to-date information.

According to the AI start-up, Pi has one million daily users and six million monthly active users.

An average conversation with Pi lasts 33 minutes, and one in ten lasts over an hour each day.

About 60% of people who talk to Pi on any given week return the following week, and we see higher monthly stickiness than leading competitors.