Indeed Adds Generative AI to Help People Write Better Resumes

IBL News | New York now allows individuals to use AI-powered writing to fill their work experience. It also launched a suite of AI products for recruiters, such as candidate summaries and custom messages.

These generative AI features, called Smart Sourcing, will revamp Recruiter Holdings-owned hiring platform Indeed to better compete with rivals like LinkedIn,, and ZipRecruiter.

Another remarkable feature is saving up to five resumes so that an individual can easily pick the most relevant copy when applying for different roles. This feature will roll out soon, Indeed said.

On their side, employers can get instant recommendations for ideal candidates for their open jobs.

The tool recommends and prioritizes qualified candidates based on an employer’s distinct job requirements, focusing on people actively looking for a new job, especially those active on Indeed over the past 30 days.

Smart Sourcing also helps employers quickly review matched candidates, directly connect with them, and ultimately hire faster. The tool generates custom AI-powered messages based on their job criteria.

Indeed said that AI features “make sourcing and hiring talent more efficient for employers.”

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