Huge Potential for New Apps in the Educational Space


Educational apps are mostly games and classroom tools today. The largest student-oriented apps (Duolingo, Quizlet and PhotoMath) only serve a tiny part of students’ needs, leaving huge potential for new entrants.

“Today’s educational content is painful to consume on mobile devices… Most high quality educational sites (Khan Academy, CK-12, Coursera, etc.) weren’t created to answer specific questions, so they don’t show up in these search results,writes Christopher Pedregal, founder of, on

  • “Smartphones can give learners superpowers so they can learn more things, more deeply, on their own.”
  • “If you’re building a social product, be thoughtful about whom students want to share with.”
  • “It’s clear that there are billions of people around the world who want to learn, and smart phones could go a long way in making learning more accessible.”
  • Google’s Primer app is a good example of an innovative app.

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