Huge Decrease of Jobs in Writing, Customer Service and Translation

IBL News | San Diego

Since the Release of ChatGPT Upwork freelance website’s postings data — publicly available in the form of an RSS feed — show an increase in the number of jobs since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, according to the analysis of an expert posted at

However, three categories showed a large decline in jobs: writing, translation, and customer service jobs. The number of writing jobs declined by 33%, translation jobs declined by 19%, and customer service jobs declined by 16%.

Since November 2022, video editing/production jobs were up 39%, graphic design jobs 8%, and web design jobs 10%. Software development jobs were also up, with backend development jobs at 6% and frontend/web development jobs at 4%.

“Generative AI tools are already good enough to replace many writing tasks, whether it’s writing an article or a social media post. But they’re not polished enough for other jobs like video and image generation,” said Henley Wing, the author of the analysis.

Jobs like generating AI content, developing AI agents, integrating OpenAI/ChatGPT APIs, and developing chatbots and AI apps are becoming the norm.

However, the vast majority of companies are not yet developing their own LLM models or tuning them with training data. They seem to be integrating OpenAI’s API into their existing products and developing chatbots to replace their customer service agents.