How to choose the right LMS for your K-12 school


A great LMS (Learning Management System) can improve the teaching and learning of teachers and students.

But how to does one choose the right one?

The K12 Director of Instructure / Canvas LMS has come up with some tips. Let us summarize them while we add our view.

The perfect LMS platform should:

      • Open doors for teaching and learning in a way that is intuitive and easy.
      • Amplify schools’ strengths, accelerate progress toward goals and support future needs.
      • Integrate blended and online delivery models easier.
      • Suggest new ways of designing and teaching online courses.
      • Engage users by encouraging interaction and empowering to take ownership of their own learning.
      • Feature fresh navigation and custom toolset.
      • Reduce the impact on faculty of IT.
      • Be highly scalable and flexible to adapt and grow with your district.
      • Integrate with third-party tools through an open API, as well as an app center –such as– “with hundreds of technology tools that teachers can install and use without ever having to talk to IT.
      • Be extremely reliable, with 99.9% uptime possible. Having an LMS down for maintenance, an unexpected outage, causes great stress for students and teachers.
      • Have a partner and service provider that is responsive, supportive and collaborative.
      • Test it previously in a sandbox environment in order to have a first-hand look at the platform’s capabilities.