Google will release an education platform for teacher-student communication

On September, as part of Google’s Apps for Education lineup of products, the giant search engine will release Classroom— an education platform and app for teacher-student communication.

  • It will use Docs, Drive and Gmail to create and collect assignments.
  • It will create Drive folders for each assignment and for each student.
  • It will let teachers make announcements, ask questions and field student responses in real time.

In other words, this free LMS will also provide:

  • Assignments;
  • Grading;
  • Real-time questions and feedback on student work;
  • Announcements;
  • Commenting; and
  • Homework collection and organization.

In a way, many folks are already using that process. Google is now basically streamlining this process.

So far, Google is keeping Classroom invite-only. First group of pilot testers will start in June.