Google Will Release an AI-Powered Video Creation and Editing Tool for Its Workspace

IBL News | New York

Google will release in June a new Workspace AI-powered app for video creation that generates easily-editable storyboards.

The user chooses then a style from a variety of templates in Google Vids and pieces together a draft with suggested scenes from stock videos, images, background music, and voice-over —the user’s own or one from a pre-set catalog.

“Google Vids is your video, writing, production, and editing assistant all in one,” said the company.

However, Google Vids, which sits alongside Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, is meant more for things people do at work like making a pitch, updating the team, and explaining a complicated concept.

This is not a Hollywood production, it’s a work product, to use at work.

It’s a kind of tool that transforms Google Slides into a video app after collecting files from Drive and elsewhere, or by prompting on Gemini AI. Then the finished product in Slides gets converted into a video.

There are lots of tools aiming for videos from messaging tools like Loom, Descript, ClickUp, or even Vimeo.