Google Released Its New Chat, Which Looks Like Slack and Microsoft Teams

IBL News | San Francisco

Google introduced forty new features into its Chat during the Cloud Next conference last week in San Francisco.

Google Chat, the search giant answer to Microsoft Teams and Slack, borrows design elements from these two messaging apps, as well as from Discord and even ChatGPT.

Formerly named ‘Hangouts’, Google Chat announced that most of the new features will roll out later this year and early next.

It will include Workspace’s Duet AI new capabilities to search and ask questions about stuff in Drive and Gmail and summarize both documents and conversations.

It will also be able to use AI-powered autocorrect in Chat.

Google is adding “huddles” to the app, offering a one-click way to start a video or audio chat rather than going through the whole plethora of requirements of Google Meet. This is a direct rip of Slack Huddles, with even the same name.