Google Makes ‘Gemini Pro’ Available to Developers and Enterprises

IBL News | New York

Google announced yesterday that it was making its new AI model, Gemini Pro, available to developers and enterprises. It has been released via the Gemini API, and it’s free for now. SDKs are also available for Gemini Pro to help to build apps.

Last week, Google started to roll out Gemini, which comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

“The faster way to build with Gemini is with Google AI Studio, a free, web-based developer tool that enables you users to develop prompts and then get an API key to use in their app development,” said the company.

Google intends that users migrate from AI Studio to Vertex AI. Early next year, the company plans to launch Gemini Ultra, its largest and most capable model for complex tasks.

Yesterday, Google announced that Duet AI for Developers will be launched in Q1 of 2024. It will compete with GitHub GPT-based Copilot.

Google’s partners adding support for coding with Duet AI for Developers include Confluent, Elastic, Grafana Labs, Hashicopr, MongoDB, Neo4j, Pinecone, Redis, and SingleStore.

In addition, Google Cloud’s image-generation capabilities have been upgraded with Imagen 2. This feature is now generally available for Vertex AI customers on the allowlist.