Google Creates a Program to Train Previously Incarcerated Jobseekers

IBL News | New York

Over 600,000 people make the transition from prisons to society each year. They often face systemic barriers to entering the workforce.

Intending to provide economic opportunities, Google is partnering with several non-profit organizations (Center for Employment Opportunities, Defy Ventures, Fortune Society, and The Last Mile) in order to implement a program designed to train more than 10,000 formerly incarcerated individuals on digital skills required to get a job or start businesses.

The initiative called Grow with Google Career Readiness for Reentry builds upon the company’s existing criminal justice work, which includes $40 million in grants.

The program consists of training with a project-based and video learning curriculum. The learning includes job search and readiness skills, how to make a resume using web-based tools, and how to send professional emails — as well as more advanced topics like including entrepreneurship and using spreadsheets to make a budget for your business.

Several partners will also provide job placement support or help place learners into paid apprenticeships and entrepreneur-in-residence programs.