Gen AI Is Transforming Skills and Work, According to the Coursera 2024 Report

IBL News | New York

The learning platform Coursera released the Global Skills Report 2024 yesterday. It identifes critical skills and credential trends for employees in 100+ countries.

The report, which draws on data from 184 million learners, covers domains like GenAI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other technology and business areas.

“With Generative AI predicted to automate 60% to 70% of work activities, demand for GenAI skills is surging,” said Coursera’s CEO Jeff Maggioncalda.

“Individuals are eagerly pursuing AI literacy: every minute, four people enroll in GenAI content on Coursera—up from one per minute in 2023, but in contrast, only 5% of organizations are actively reskilling their workforce at scale.”

“Business leaders must upskill and reskill employees to adapt to this dynamic landscape,” he added.

[Download the Report]