France's top universities launch their MOOC offer in January 2014

The France Université Numérique FUN’s online MOOCs courses will begin in January 2014.

Courses are designed by France’s top higher education institutions. “The main goal is to make higher education courses accessible to everyone, by combining course videos, course evaluations, tutorials, peer correction and online interaction with teachers,” they state.

There will be various disciplines: mathematics, history, philosophy, biology, law, etc. Two MOOCs in mathematics have been created by Cédric Villani, winner of the Fields Medals (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for mathematicians). École Centrale Paris has designed a course on sustainable development, while Panthéon Assas-Paris II University has created one on justice.

The France Digital University project, built through Open EdX’s software [disclosure: our company integrates this platform commercially], was launched in October 2013; along with Chinese universities’ project, this is one of the most important MOOC initiative in the world.