First Remote Open edX Meetup Will Be Hosted on Slack on August 25th


edX has announced the first remote, no RSVP meetup on August 25th from 2pm to 3pm EST. The reunion point will be on the #remotemeetup channel on Open edX’ Slack, and the theme, “the roadmap for Open edX“. Product Manager Marco Morales will present this topic followed by a Q&A.

Shauna Gordon McKeon, Developer Advocate at edX, has explained, “there was so much interest in hearing more about the roadmap that we’ve decided to make it a regular feature of our meetups.” “Each meetup will have a short (5-10 minute) roadmap update in addition to that week’s topic.”

On the other hand, IBL and with McKinsey Academy will celebrate the Fall’s first meetup on September 8th in New York. Managers from edX, Columbia and Modern States will speak. Further details will be announced during the second half of August.