edX Removes Free Certificates and Adds Verified and XSeries Credentials – Udacity Leads the Way

edX has discontinued the free honor code certificates, although the old ones will remain valid. Instead, learners will be able to audit courses without a fee and have the option to apply for financial assistance to help cover 90% of  the cost of verified certificates.

New courses on edx.org now offer two types of certificates: Verified and XSeries.

“It seems that the top two MOOC providers in the world, Coursera and edX, are going along a similar path as they too strive to achieve sustainability. Both have made announcements to the effect that they will remove a key component of the MOOC experience,writes Dhawal Shah in Class-Central.com this week.

Before edX and Coursera, Udacity pioneered this formula by stopping free certificates, making graded assignments a paid feature and creating their own type of credential (Nanodegree). This way Udacity reached profitability.

In this fight to generate revenue, some universities are doing well.