EdX Improves The XBlock Tutorial And Publishes Its API Guide

Guest Post: Mark Hoeber, edX | 07.24.2015

This post originally ran on the Open edX Portal on July 22 2015


New Open edX XBlock Tutorial

By Mark Hoeber

One of our goals for the new fiscal year is to provide improved guidance for XBlock developers, especially those who are new to XBlocks. As a first step, we have just released the Open edX XBlock Tutorial.

The tutorial provides much new information, including:

  • A quick start section that helps you create a new XBlock in just a few mintues.
  • An overview of XBlock concepts.
  • A tour through all the parts of a sample XBlock.
  • Guidance on modifying your own XBlock.

​We hope that the tutorial is useful for new and experienced developers who are extending the edX platform. In addition to this tutorial, we have also published the XBlock API Guide.

We have already planned several follow-up enhancements for the XBlock tutorial, and we welcome feedback from the Open edX community about additional XBlock information that would be useful. Just let us know what you think by posting an issue in the Documentation project in JIRA.