EdX Announces Two Career Courses with META on Augmented Reality

IBL News | New York

edX.org, currently a 2U (Nasdaq: TWOU) company, announced the launch and availability of its first two courses in partnership with Meta/Facebook on augmented reality (AR) effects using Spark AR this week.

The two courses — Getting Started with Spark AR and Creating and Designing with Spark AR —will be part of a Professional Certificate program in Spark AR for Beginners, starting in August on edX.org.

There will be two months (16 – 20 hours per week), of self-paced courses, priced at $268 or free without a credential.

Spark AR Studio is an augmented reality platform for Mac and Windows that allows for the creation of AR effects and filters for AR experiences.

“The metaverse has vast potential to change how we experience and access education, much like how various technologies came together ten years ago to increase access to high-quality education at scale with MOOCs,” said Anant Agarwal, edX Founder and Chief Open Education Officer at 2U.

As part of its partnership with edX, Meta will provide a voucher for free access to its Spark AR Certification exam to the first 200 learners who complete the Spark AR for Beginners program on edX.org and receive a certificate of completion from edX.

Learners who complete the certification will gain access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board, an exclusive job platform that connects learners who are certified in any Meta Certification with affiliated employers looking to hire talent.

“Courses in the Spark AR curriculum will empower students to become the next generation of creators with skills needed to build for the metaverse,” said Leticia Jauregui, Global Head of Meta Immersive Learning.

In the beginning of July, Meta (Facebook) announced five new Professional Certificates on the Coursera.org platform on Software Engineering.