EdX and Coursera increase their audiences by trying out new revenue models

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Edx.org, with over 160 courses on its platform, has crossed the 2 million students mark, while Coursera.com has attracted 7 million users also in almost two years.

Now both organizations are trying to convince partner universities that offering large-scale MOOCs is an important part of their mission that helps faculty expand their potential, and benefits to the world.

Most of the students are over 30, and are using the courses either for personal fulfillment or to improve their job skills.

In terms of sources of revenue, EdX and Coursera are fighting to become more self-sustaining while trying out a number of approaches and researching blended learning.

      • Coursera recently introduced a series of courses costing from $250 to $500 in which students can earn certificates that will be valued by employers.
      • EdX currently earns revenue from new executive education classes, which cost $500.
      • Another source for EdX is based on providing verified certificates for its courses, which cost between $25 and $200. Currently 40 out of 160 courses offer verified certificates.